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How ambitious LAs could save 40% of their budget

A new report from Nesta, entitled Connected Councils, details how councils can use digital technology to deliver improved services whilst saving money...

Council News Monitor - this week's essential Local Authority news stories

This week David Cameron wades into row over £69m of cuts planned by Oxfordshire CC; Stoke on Trent plans to axe seven top management jobs; North Tynes...

Council News Monitor - a weekly roundup of local authority news and opinion

Public Service Digital is happy to offer our readers a weekly round of key stories from local authorities around the UK. This week "biblical" floods i...

How mobile apps can help young people with mental ill health

Jamie Prangnell shares his story of working with a mental health trust in developing a series of ‘game-style’ apps that aim to help improve young peop...

Customers first? Rethinking digital inclusion

Senior managers at public service organisations need to seek a little inspiration from the commercial world for their digital strategies.

Autumn Statement 2015: increasing Digital Services funding is just the beginning

Making services available online is one thing, but getting citizens to actually use them is another.

Ofcom’s Connected Nations 2015: 10Mbit/s is the minimum for “good broadband service”

The new report shows that broadband coverage and quality has improved since last year, but is this enough to keep up rising demand?

Spanning the Digital Divide

While there is an expectation for us to organise our entire lives online, is current digital infrastructure limiting real inclusion?

Spending Review: momentous investment, but lacking digital direction

While the Autumn Statement promised digital transformation, a lack of focus going forward could prove problematic.

Kirklees Council BetterOff: Launch of the first digital benefits and employment platform

Kirklees Council in West Yorkshire has redefined the benefit and welfare process and made it digital-first. The majority of claimants in Kirklees are...

Don’t let fear drive your digital-first customer engagement strategy

Are private sector data breaches justifying the government's resistance to digitising online services?