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VIDEO: Consumer experience must inform digital public service design

Vicky Sargent caught up with David Dinsdale, Atos Entrepeneur in Residence, at Socitm 2016.

VIDEO: Unpicking the Smart City - Kia Cottrell in conversation with Joe Tibbetts

Kia Cottrell and Joe Tibbetts discussing the what, why, when, who for and pitfalls surrounding the whole smart city proposition

Why own a car when mobility is provided ‘as a service’

Just when we are getting to grips with the full promise of 'software as a service’ (SaaS) – where software is available on demand from ‘the cloud’ rat...

Where next for smart cities and the Internet of Things?

Can Manchester lead the way in bringing Internet of Things technology into the wider public consciousness with a £10 million investment?

What can we learn from New Zealand’s digital future report?

Digital transformation doesn't need to intimidate with jargon, but should be seen as a way to empower public sector management and, ultimately, improv...

Beyond the buzz: the real advantages of smart cities

We must see beyond the hype to really begin to understand how smart city initiatives can make big differences to local communities.

Midata, your data, but what happens when the computer says 'no'?

2015 will be the year of the Internet of Things. Understanding data ownership is essential. The Midata scheme must educate the public on personal data...

Hello Lamppost – talking to things needs open data

The internet of things, automation and robotics - all of which are shaping the future of work- depend on access to data, and open data is at the heart...

How cities around the world can tap into a big data goldmine

Microsoft's Gary Wachowicz on how cities around the world are harnessing business intelligence tools to improve city services

How organisations can get the most from the Internet of Things

David Cameron’s decision to pump an additional £45 million funding into Internet of Things research has once again placed this innovative technology i...

Explosion of big data will give power to the citizen in a smart city world

The explosion of innovative technologies such as cloud computing and big data can build a smart city world which places the citizen at its very heart.